Weekly Summary (Week Five):

Weekly Summary

This week was a lot of fun surprisingly! I say surprisingly because when I first opened Audacity I was terrified of it. I thought it was going to be impossible to learn how to use it, but I was wrong. It was actually very straightforward and easy to operate. My only complaint about this week was the workload. It was very hard to complete all the tasks in a timely manner on top of my other four classes and my job. I somehow managed to do it though and I must admit I’m pretty proud of myself for doing so.

The first assignment I completed this week was Audio Reflection. Below is a link to my detailed experience with “Moon Graffiti”:

Audio Reflection (Week Five):

When I completed this assignment, I was still in the process of being overwhelmed with the work load and Audacity. And because I’m such a visual person, trying to listen to this story overwhelmed me more. It gave me the impression that our entire week was going to center around listening to audio stories and creating long pieces such as Moon Graffiti. Needless to say, I was very relieved to find out my initial fears were wrong.

The next thing I worked on was my first assignment bank task. I decided to kickstart the week with the “Make Your Own Mixtape” assignment (worth 4 stars). Below is a link to my mix tape and how it relates to Jester:

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Five):

The next assignment bank task I completed was the “Sound Effects Story” (worth 3.5 stars). This was my favorite assignment of the week! Below is a link to the story I created (again, centering around Jester):

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Five):

For my fourth assignment, I chose the Teezee Reference task (worth 2.5 stars). Below is a link to my detailed post:

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Five):

I then completed the assignment in which I was instructed to create a soundtrack for Jester. This assignment tested my embarrassment levels. I really hate my voice when it’s recorded, but luckily I was able to use the pitch tool to make it unrecognizable. Below is a link to my final product and the steps I took to get there:

Superhero Soundtrack (Week Five):

Next, I decided it would be a good idea to blog about my idea for a radio show. I had a hard time formulating an explanation of my idea. So I hope it makes sense, but below is the link to the post about my idea:

Radio Show Ideas (Week Five):

The next assignment was the hardest for me this week. I think it is well known that I am not an audio listener by now, so the challenges this assignment presented are fairly evident. I had to listen to a casting of the ds106 radio and participate in a live “tweet-along.” Below is my reflection on the process:

ds106 Radio (Week Five):

The last assignment I completed was the radio bumper. By the time I got to this assignment using Audacity was a piece of cake. I think this assignment took me maybe ten minutes. Below is my radio bumper for the ds106 radio:

Radio Bumper (Week Five):

Radio Bumper (Week Five):

As expected by now at the end of my weekly summary are my three daily creates. This week was a lot of fun in terms of prompts for the creates! Below is a post and my thoughts on them:

Daily Creates (Week Five):












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