Weekly Summary (Week Two):

This week proved to be a lot of fun. I spent most of the week customizing my blog and getting into the swing of basically being active on social media. I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it was. I know our generation is technology gurus and digital natives, but I am not a frequent social media user. So that was the most difficult adjustment I had to make this week. However, when it came to customizing my blog – that was the most fun I had all week. I had mentioned before that I used to be an avid blogger on tumblr when I was younger. It actually surprised me how quickly I was able to recall all my customizing tricks again. I know it was an “assignment” to customize our blogs, but it was loads of fun for me and I’ll probably be constantly re-designing all throughout the semester.

Another thing I had to do this week was three assignments from the assignment bank. I have detailed descriptions about each assignment under their own separate posts, but I still want to share them here.

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch:

This assignment was by far my favorite one. My friends mean a lot to me, so it was a lot of fun to flick through all of our pictures and reminisce while completing this task. Funny story about this one, I was actually hanging out with all of the people in the picture last night and over a few drinks I mentioned to them that I had made this picture and posted it on my blog. They all immediately pulled out their phones out of curiosity and looked up my blog. They actually all laughed really hard and it started us to take a walk down memory lane. I love these people.

Animals Doing Funny Things:

This assignment was definitely the easiest one. Although I’m not a frequent social media user, I know how to use technology very well. The task was simple; create a gif of an animal doing something funny. I ended up taking it a step further and made a meme out of my gif. I did so by titling the gif –  “Me trying to get through finals week.”

Triple Rocktroll Lyrics:

This assignment was the one where I was able to express the most creativity. I actually really enjoy music so it was really easy to think of artists to use in order to create this masterpiece. Nobody can deny it as a masterpiece either. I mean obviously David Bowie is iconic.

Below are all the links for more detailed descriptions about these assignments:

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Two):

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Two):

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Two):

The last thing I had to do throughout the week was the daily creates. Pretty much we just take ten minutes to tweet a creative response to a prompt via twitter. I found myself laughing and smiling a lot while doing these. I mentioned in my more detailed post (link below) that I believe these tasks will be my favorite aspect of this course. I love being creative!

The Daily Creates (Week Two):

Cheers to week three!


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