Weekly Summary (Week Three):

This week severely tested my time management, writing, and creativity skills. I spent the beginning of the week procrastinating starting all of the assignments in fear that they would be hard and difficult – when in reality they were fairly easy and a lot of fun! I always get nervous when being creative through writing, although it’s the complete opposite when it comes to painting, drawing, etc..

So when I finally stopped procrastinating, I began with my reflection on superhero stories. Below is my detailed post about my superhero experience:

Superhero Stories (Week Three):

As for the overall experience, I thought this was a fun task to complete. I really enjoyed watching the first ever Superman episode. For some reason it reminded me of my childhood, when I would always watch Tom & Jerry after school. It was also a pleasure watching Kurt Vonnegut’s video about the Shapes of Stories. As I stated in my post, Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors – so naturally I somewhat agree with almost everything he says. Plus the guy is hilarious. Thus, it was super easy to stay focused on his video and applying his theory.

My next task for the week was the create either a superhero or a super villain. Below is a more detailed post about my character:

Character Dossier (Week Three):

Naturally, I went against the social norm and created a villain. I figured most of my classmates would create a superhero (which is completely fine, we need more superheroes in the world), hence the reason I wanted to create a villain. I based Jester off of The Joker, but added my own twist. I’m not a huge superhero fan; I’m more of the villain type. That being said, The Joker is my favorite villain – so I took some of his qualities and added some personal touches to create Jester. I honestly thought this assignment would take me forever and I wouldn’t have as much fun completing it. I was wrong (a reoccurring theme so far in this course), this assignment actually took the least amount of time and was the one I enjoyed the most!

Next we had a choice to complete one of two superhero writing assignments. I chose to complete The Day in the Life of a Superhero. Below is a my post about my imaginary life as a superhero:

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Three):

This assignment brought out the most creativity in me this week. Basically, I had to use a superhero name generator. The generator not only gave me a superhero name, but also gave me a detailed description on how I attained my powers and what powers they were. I feel as if I got a very generic superpower, but I was easily able to twist it and create (I may be biased) a great damn story. I thoroughly enjoyed the name the generator gave me too – Phantom Hex. Phantom Hex sounds like a superhero that should be apart of the Fantastic Four, am I right?

The next writing assignment I completed meant the most to me. I had to write a letter to the person who inspires me the most. Below is my post which included the letter I wrote to my dad:

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Three):

On top of completing eight stars worth of writing assignments from the assignment bank (this assignment was worth three). We were also tasked with connecting one of those assignments back to our class theme – superheroes. When I saw this task, it was way too easy to check that requirement off the list. My dad loves Batman and ever since I left for college, around Halloween time he always sends me a picture of him in a batman mask. I am not over-exaggerating, I have three different pictures of my dad in a batman mask on my phone. The one I used in the article is the most recent one he sent me (about a week ago). My dad is my best friend so it was a no brainer I wanted to write a sentimental letter to him. After I completed the post, I shared it to him on Facebook and he called me a few minutes later to tell me how much it meant to him. Nobody told me growing up would be this hard. I miss home.


For my next assignment (worth three stars), I completed the Emotional Lyrics assignment. Below is a link to my post about it:

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Three):

This assignment entailed that I pick an emotion, choose three songs that expressed said emotion, and then explain why those songs elicit that emotion from me. The assignment also calls that I posted my responses to twitter. This task was definitely the easiest one to do. I completed this one right after I finished writing the letter to my dad, so needless to say I was feeling very reminiscent. Thus, I elected the emotion sentimental to represent my current emotional state. I then chose three songs, as shown in the post, that made me feel the most sentimental in that exact moment. This assignment was also a lot of fun to do. I really enjoy listening to music, finding new music, and revisiting old music that brings out old emotions and memories.

For my final assignment (worth two stars), I completed the I Like To Move It Move It task. Below is my detailed description of my freshman move in day:

Assignment Bank 4 (Week Three):

This assignment asks that you think of your favorite and least favorite memory of your freshman move in day experience. Being a senior now, I find myself constantly reminiscing back to freshman year. I didn’t know it, but I was having a lot of fun and building amazing relationships with people who are still in my life today. So thinking back to the day when it all began was a great time. I’ll let the post speak for itself, but man yesterday opened up a long period of nostalgia for me.

Last to be discussed is the daily creates I did this week. Below are the three that I chose to complete:

I really liked this daily create. It opened up the opportunity for me to relate the tweet to our class theme. I decided to use a photo I took on my flight to California over the summer and a funny picture of my boyfriend. My inspiration should be fairly easy to decipher, but incase it isn’t the picture pretty much illustrates Thomas as Batman flying next to an airplane at dusk. I think it’s pretty darn artsy, but that’s just me.

I got a lot of positive feedback on this daily create. Alongside my positive feedback, I noticed the overall positive effect this create prompted on twitter for the day. A lot of my classmates posts also reflected positive outlooks on the world and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I took the time to comment on a lot of their tweets and make sure they knew that their optimism didn’t go unnoticed.

For my last create I found yet another way to relate it back to the course theme. Growing up I really liked the Hulk for some reason. Maybe because he was just a nice and misunderstood guy? I’m not quite sure, but I liked putting my own definition to his persona. I created a “serene hulk.” I believe this is his most prominent form, just nobody understands him.




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