Weekly Summary (Week Nine):

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this week. I mean, I had some fun, but not the usual amount of fun I have. I guess I now know I never want to be a web-designer! But I digress, here is the work I created this week and some annotations of how I felt during the creating process:

First thing I had to do this week was tune into a session of ds106 radio and listen to my classmates’ radio shows! Below is the detailed post about my experience:

Radio Listen (Week Nine):

I’d have to say I absolutely loved doing this. I had the most fun (in the course thus far) creating my radio show with my group mates, so I was really excited to hear what everyone else came up with and participate in the live tweet-along. I tuned into the perfect night/show, 30 minutes with Hannah, her reverse super hero song portion was SUCH a good idea to get her audience involved and her overall show was a lot of fun to listen to!


Next, I decided to tackle what I thought would be the hardest assignment of the week – the web storytelling. Below is the detailed post about my experience with that:

Web Storytelling (Week Nine):

This actually wasn’t hard at all for me. I guess when I first skimmed the huge paragraph on the “Week 9: Broadcast and Web Storytelling” page, I got scared. But once I actually took the time to sit down and read through it (and look at my classmates’ work on it) – I wasn’t so scared anymore. And I actually completed this assignment with ease!

This next assignment is what really presented me with a challenge. We were given a list of three tasks to choose and were instructed to select one to do. I chose to do the Go Back in Time assignment. Below is the detailed post on my experience:

Go Back in Time (Week Nine):

The challenge I was faced with was that my Mozilla X-Ray Goggles didn’t work on the page! I wanted to simply edit the snapshot I found using the Wayback Machine, but nooooo. I resolved my conflict by simply taking a screenshot of the old myspace page I wanted to edit. Opening up the screenshot on a photo editing website and doing it the old fashion way!

Just like every week, we were told to complete tasks from the assignment bank. This week we were told to do six stars worth of web assignments. Therefore, I began this week by completing the Create Your Own Room (worth 4 1/2 stars). Below is the detailed post about my experience:

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Nine):

The next assignment bank I decided to complete was the Google Draw Something (worth 2 1/2 stars). Below is the detailed post about my experience:

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Nine):

Lastly, I tackled the new daily creates challenge. Below is the detailed post describing the new challenge and the story I came up with using the prompts:

Daily Creates (Week Nine):



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