Weekly Summary (Week Eight):

Well it’s a wrap folks! Radio show week (part 2 edition) has come to a close. Along with that, our radio show productions have also come to a close. This week was a breeze honestly. All my group mates finished their portion of the show on time and we got it all put together a day early! I was actually the last person to finish their part due to me being up in the mountains, far away from civilization Monday and Tuesday of this week. Below is all of the progress I (and my group mates) made this week and our final production:

This week we didn’t have any assignment bank tasks to do. So I began with writing my blog post on our radio show week progression. Below is the detailed post about that:

Radio Show Progress (Week Eight):

Next, I decided to create my blog post on the daily creates I completed this week. I was only instructed to do two this week instead of the normal three. Below is the detailed post about those:

Daily Creates (Week Eight):

P.S. It turns out a lot of people liked my response to the beautiful spiral prompt. Those who commented thought it was funny (which was my goal). Yay!

Last, but most certainly not least, is the final product of our radio show! I absolutely adore it. I might be biased, but I think we did a great job and it flows together nicely. Give it a listen below and tell me what you think:



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