Web Storytelling (Week Nine):

Web Storytelling Via Amazon

This week’s theme in ds106 is broadcasting and web storytelling! Therefore, I was tasked to use Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool to change the intent, meaning, or purpose of a selected website to tell a new story. When I read the assignment, I immediately wanted to take the funny route while completing this assignment and what’s funnier than Justin Bieber? Below are the steps and my finished website parody:

1. I went to Amazon.com and searched for Justin Bieber products. When I saw the perfume he created, the idea to twist the meaning of it immediately popped into my head. Therefore, I clicked on the X-Ray Goggles tab of my browser.

2. I began to edit the original sayings to format the funnier sayings I wanted to implement (See below).

3. After I was done remastering the webpage, I clicked publish in the bottom right-hand corner, took a screenshot of my work, and gathered the link to my masterpiece.

The link to my web storytelling parody is:


And here is a screenshot of my finished product:

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