Thoughts/Ideas (Week Six):


This week I was asked to read a few articles and write a reflection on how design can advance a story along. I decided to focus on the work of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. More specifically, his Strip Panel Naked segments.

Before looking at his articles, I never consciously focused on design aspects of really anything – which is probably a good thing. I say that because the purpose of a specific design is to draw the attention of someone to it. Thus, if I am unconsciously noticing works of design around me, then they are doing they’re job correctly!

After looking at his articles, I was blown away at the vast amount of work that goes into designing. He specifically focused on comics and how the artist laid out the blueprint of each page. I’ve always read comic books with the intent to solely get the storyline, but Otsmane-Elhaou has opened up my perspective to the story that is told simply by the design of the comic book. I especially enjoyed learning about the “Negative Space” concept. I actually took an art class named design priciniples at the University of Mary Washington and one of my favorite artistic concepts what that of negative space. I never really considered it to be a medium that can be used in story-telling.

Overall, I found the articles to be very informative and eye-opening to all of the human design I am surrounded by everyday.



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