The Daily Creates (Week Seven):

The Daily Creates

As expected, this week I had to complete three daily creates via Twitter. Below are all my creates and their explanations:

I AM SO EXCITED IT IS FINALLY STARTING TO FEEL LIKE FALL. When I saw this prompt, I immediately felt the need to express change through the colors of the leaves on campus! Our campus is so gorgeous already, so whenever this time (i.e. my favorite time (if you can’t tell)) of the year rolls around it just elicits this deep happiness in me. I mean look at it, doesn’t it just make you want to open the windows, put on a scary movie, and sip on some coffee (or hot coco)?

This prompt was a lot of fun to answer. I thoroughly enjoy blogging, but I’m finding it hard to juggle school, work, my social life, and well sleep this semester. So this prompt proved to be the easiest to answer, cause whenever I’m not in class, doing homework, socializing, or at work – quite frankly I’m catching up on the sleep I keep neglecting.

I honestly feel kind of bad about this response. I just saw the tweet: “A reminder ers – it’s the Daily “Create” not the Daily “Google and Download” MAKE art, not use someone else’s.” I’m guilty as charged for doing this regarding this response to the daily create. It was just that when I read the prompt, Eve immediately popped into my mind – and when I get stuck on an idea it has to happen how I envisioned it. I promise to do better next week on the daily creates!

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