Superhero Soundtrack (Week Five):

Villain Soundtrack

For this assignment, I was instructed to make my own superhero (or villain) soundtrack for our characters we created. Thus, the soundtrack of Jester was born! Below is the soundtrack and how I constructed it:

“Kick me while I’m down, will they
Laugh at me when I’m at my lowest, will they
Oh, I’ll show them
I’ll show them real well
I am Jester
I will turn their precious laughter into fear
Laughter will now become screams”


In order to complete this assignment, I first had to brainstorm on what I wanted his “sound” to be. I figured rock would be the best fit as a basis for Jester’s theme song.

1. I went to and found a basic rock loop someone had created and downloaded it.

2. I then found an evil laughter track that I deemed appropriate to be Jester’s laugh and downloaded it.

3. I opened up Audacity and imported first the rock loop and then the evil laugh. I then placed the laugh at the end of the rock loop to create the lingering laughter at the end of the track.

4. I opened up a new Audacity window and recorded Jester’s message. I then decided to play with the pitch of it, because lets be honest – having a girly voice portray a villain isn’t so intimidating.

5. I finally saved the separate Audacity files, opened up yet another Audacity window, imported the rock loop/evil laugh file and then Jester’s message.

6. And viola! You have Jester’s Theme Song.

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