Superhero: Join Forces (Week Ten):

Superhero: Join Forces

This week I was told to choose one out of two assigned tasks to complete. I decided to do the Superhero: Join Forces one! For the task, I was instructed to create a video of two or more heroes defeating a challenge. Below is my finished project and the steps I took to complete it:

  1. First I had to figure out exactly how I was going to show two or more heroes overcoming the same challenge at once. Thus, I began researching movies with two or more superheroes in them. I eventually came across Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and decided to utilize scenes from it.
  2. I then went to youtube and typed “Batman V Superman fight scenes” into the search engine and a video about 10 minutes long popped up with all the fight scenes from the movie in it.
  3. I decided to download that specific youtube video to use in my creation.
  4. Next, I had to figure out what song I wanted to use in my video. I was trying to think about some of the most iconic songs you see in action movies and decided to use Back In Black by ACDC (I mean, it is a classic).
  5. After I had everything I needed downloaded, I opened imovie on my computer and began the video editing process.
  6. I added the song to the movie editor track and then I had to add the movie scenes I wanted. I trimmed the clips to show the exact scenes I wanted to and to ensure the message I wanted to depict was presented.


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