Radio Show Progress (Week Eight):

Radio Show Progress

Its week two folks! That means our final production is coming to a close. This week called for a lot of individual work among my group-mates. Below are images or our progress and process and my description of the overall experience:

So this is basically us planning out how we were going to coordinate an organized radio show. It was necessary because we obviously all couldn’t meet up as most of us don’t live on campus to begin with. So we all collaboratively brainstormed ideas on how to begin the process and edit the finished product.

This is just the section of our document where everyone listed their finished portion of their character’s section of the show. We got this done pretty quickly (even though I was the last person to finish, because I went camping/hiking over Fall Break)!

This is our final dialogue/blueprint of how our show is going to play out. It made the entire process very simple and easy to complete/follow. It also definitely pushed our progress along having a plan and being organized!

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