Radio Listen (Week Nine):

Radio Listen

It’s finally time, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the airing of our radio shows! I was overly excited to listen to my classmates’ radio show productions this week. Unfortunately, I missed Monday’s airing due to work. However, I was able to tune into Tuesday’s airing! I specifically tuned into 30 minutes with Hannah.

Hannah did an amazing job at getting the audience to participate along with her radio show. Her reverse hero song portion was genius! Major props to her for coming up with that idea. I’m extremely competitive, thus I had a blast tweeting my responses to her game. Hannah also did a good job at her commercials! I laughed at every-single-one-of-them and no I am not over exaggerating. My only constructive criticism would have been to add more sound effects to the overall narrative! Other than that, Hannah did a wonderful job with her production.

P.S. I’m assuming she did this all by herself and if she did – you go girl. Creating 30 minutes alone must have been killer!

Below are some of my tweets during the live tweet-along:








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