Radio Bumper (Week Five):

Radio Bumper

This week I was asked to create a radio bumper for the ds106 station. Below is my bumper and the steps I took to create it:

  1. I went to youtube to find a tune I wanted to incorporate into my bumper.
  2. Once I found what I wanted, I proceeded to convert and then download the track.
  3. I opened up Audacity and recorded my message that you are listening to ds106 radio and saved it.
  4. I then opened up a new Audacity window and imported the music I chose and then imported my message.
  5. I then used the selection tool and dragged the recording of my voice until it was halfway between the song and the beat drop (for dramatic effect).
  6. I then simply increased the sound on my voice track so that it would be heard over the music and boom – done.

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