Photography (Week Four):

Before reading these articles, I never really stopped to appreciate all that happens in photography. I have been tasked to find still shots of superhero movies and analyze them from different photographic perspectives. Below is what I found:

Contrast: This is a still shot from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I chose this still shot because Batman’s gleaming ice blue eyes depicts a drastic contrast with the dark scenery and costume he is wearing.


This is yet another still shot from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I chose this still shot to represent depth because of the amount of detail that is illuminated even though the entire scenery is black and dark. You can still see so much detail in his costume and the wall behind it.


I believe this picture of The Dark Knight movie cover depicts the use of lighting very well. The graphic designer used specific placement of lighting in order to convey, in my opinion, a sense of mystery. Placing the lighting behind Batman illustrates an almost silhouette of him – inducing curiosity among the desired audience.


This isn’t a still shot from a direct movie scene, but it still focuses on The Lego Batman Movie. This photo represents perspective in the sense that lego Batman is as tiny as an ant, thus his view of the world is vastly different than our view. This photo makes me laugh. Batman is such a strong character, but the size of him in this perspective is hilarious.

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