Photoblitz (Week Four):

For this exercise, I was instructed to take 20 minutes to try and capture as many photo ideas generated on a list as I could. I was asked to first document the current time I began the blitz.

I began at 3:50

In the next 20 minutes, I captured seven photos based off the tasks on the list below:

  1. Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood
  2. Take a photo that expresses a human emotion
  3. Make a photo that represents the passage of time.
  4. How do ants see the world? Change your viewpoint.
  5. Take a picture of anger, or something that makes you angry.
  6. Your most prized possession.
  7. Take a photo depicting the weather.

Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood:

I took this photo of another photo. Photo-inception? When I read the first task I looked around my room and saw my photo wall. I knew that I had plenty of photos plastered to my bedroom wall that revolved around childhood and adolescent memories. I chose this photo to capture because it is my favorite picture of my dad and I. I have always been a daddy’s girl.

Take a photo that expresses human emotion:

I am not quite sure what emotion Debi is expressing, but I have to say that whatever emotion it is – it is hilarious. As I was trying to take selfies of myself depicting different emotions, I heard Debi come back home from her afternoon run. I did what I do best, I found a way to procrastinate. So I ran downstairs and greeted her. I told her what homework I was working on and well this masterpiece happened afterwards. She told me to get my camera ready, so I complied. She then ran at my camera making the most hilarious face (as you can see) and naturally I started snapping away. We laughed for about ten minutes after we say the outcome. In my opinion the emotion that this face expresses is goofiness.

Make a photo that represents the passage of time: 

I took the term “make” literally rather than figuratively while completing this task. Instead of capturing a photo that represented the passage of time, I chose to make my representation of it. This is a photo of my weight loss process. It took me about two years to get to where I am today. If that doesn’t illustrate the passage of time, then I don’t know what will.

How do ants see the world? Change your viewpoint:

Change your viewpoint: Abigail edition. I had to run next door to capture this moment. I nanny an eight month old baby named Abigail and for some reason she thinks my body is a jungle gym. So when I read this task, I immediately knew how to change my viewpoint. I ran over to Shannon’s, Abigail’s mom, and laid down on the floor. It wasn’t long before Abigail came over and started to work her magic. Everything looks so big from down here.

Take a picture of anger, or something that makes you angry: 

Oh this one was way too easy. Today I put my car in the shop to get it looked at and get estimates on repairs, because it is literally falling apart. I had to settle for a previously captured moment of my car as it isn’t physically with me, but it works just the same. Looking at it builds so much rage inside of me. I’ve only had the car for a year and everything that could go wrong with a car is going wrong with my car. I guess this is what being an adult means? I miss being little and carefree.

Your most prized possession:

My most prized possession is my boyfriend. No, I do not own him nor do I possess him, but I try to not be materialistic in life. Therefore, I cherish the people in my life. I don’t know what I would do without him by my side he makes this life thing a whole lot easier. He is especially helping me not take a bat to my car currently. Go Thomas!

Take a photo depicting the weather:

I got lazy on this one. As you can see in my previous picture after me running around for fifteen minutes I crawled back into bed with Thomas. So I lazily captured the temperature using snapchat. I think anyone who had to go outside today, would agree with me that it is entirely too hot for it to be this late in September. But no, global warming isn’t happening.

I ended my blitz at 4:10


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  1. Courtney Hardy - September 21, 2017 at 10:29 pm Reply

    I love the photos that you took for this assignment, especially from the viewpoint of an ant! I also liked your most prized possession. Fun fact: Greg and I looked at your photos together and he said: “aww” to which I responded: “I’d never think of doing that for Alex” (my bf).

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