Go Back in Time (Week Nine):

Go Back In Time

This week I was asked to complete one out of three options of web design projects. I decided to complete the Go Back In Time assignment. For this assignment, I was instructed to use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see what websites looked like years ago. Take a look at what several different sites looked like in the 90s to get a feel for the style of the times. Then, create a  website that mimics that style, so information should be historically accurate but creative. While I was doing my research on the Wayback Machine – I began to reminisce about my first experience with social media when I was younger. The first ever social media platform I used was Myspace.com. Thus, I decided to research old Myspace profiles and recreate my own version! Below is the steps I used to create my finished piece:

1. After deciding what I wanted to research, I typed “Myspace.com/userprofile” into the search engine bar on the Wayback Machine.

2. I then went to the year 2008, and randomly clicked on an archive.

3. I came across an old myspace profile template and decided to use the archive for my customization. Note: I did run into a problem at this step though, I tried utilizing the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles, but for whatever reason – they did not work. Therefore, I had to get super creative.

4. I decided to screenshot the archived myspace template, upload it to befunky.com (an online photo editor), and strategically make the template a profile for myself! See the finished product below:

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