ds106 Radio (Week Five):

ds106 Radio Reflection

This week I was asked to tune into a ds106 radio episode and participate in a live “tweet-along.” I decided to save the best for last and tune into the Thursday stream. And by that I mean I procrastinated until the last possible second, but it actually worked out in my favor. The stream was a audio broadcast of an old Batman comic/film! I love Batman, so I was pleased to hear it.

I thought the overall stream was a lot of fun and nicely done! I really enjoyed the use of sound effects throughout the entire cast. I had mentioned before that I’m a visual person and audio listening isn’t my strong suit, but all of the sound effects and different/creepy voices really gripped my attention throughout the entire hour. I especially liked the Joker in this specific streaming. The Joker is my favorite villain and who I based my evil villain off of for this semester!

As for the live “tweet-along” I wish more people had participated (or maybe I just didn’t see their responses). I felt like it was just me and the professor the entire time tweeting back and forth, but alas it was still a lot of fun and made me feel more connected/less alone during the broadcast. I would definitely do it again!

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