DesignBlitz (Week Six):


This week I was asked to complete a designblitz. My task was to Carry my camera with me this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts:

  • color
  • typography
  • metaphors/symbols
  • minimalism & use of space
  • form/function/message
  • balance
  • rhythm
  • proportion
  • dominance
  • unity

Below is my take on this assignment through the eyes of a UMW student!



In design, rhythm is the repetition of elements. Rhythm can also create a sense of movement, and can establish pattern and texture. I think that this picture of the digital wall in the HCC conveys rhythm perfectly. Although there is a lot going on in the design, it gives the audience a sense of movement. In my opinion, I can see different silhouettes of people depicted in the picture. What do you see?


The Convergence

Form/Function/Message refers to how well a design conveys it’s meaning. I selected this ad for “The Convergence” because I was in class when I glanced across the room, saw the ad, and immediately comprehended it’s message without knowing what “The Convergence” was. The message I received was that it was a horror film that would be displayed in the Digital Auditorium on campus. After class, I decided to pursue if my guess was correct – and I was. This ad did a great job conveying their message through the use of layout, typography, and color.


Art Gallery

In design, use of color creates mood and draws attention to key elements. I selected this design for its excessive use of color (obviously). In my analyzation of the photo, I focused on the dark blue hues that boarder the picture. In my opinion, I think that the darkness surrounding the photo enhances the use of bright colors in the centerpiece of the picture. The main focal point, from my perspective, is the red tree. It seems to be the life of the small village depicted.

Minimalism / Use of Space:

Library Door

In design, minimalism refers to how designers do more with less. Thus, I elected this ad to represent minimalism and use of space in this week’s designblitz. It is obvious that this design is very simple and straightforward, but is that not minimalism? The designer used the minimum requirements of design to convey their message to the designated audience. Nicely done.






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  1. Jordan Pamlanye - October 5, 2017 at 5:27 pm Reply

    I love how you used art too, I never thought to use anything but advertisements and logo type signs. Cool idea!

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