Daily Creates (Week Twelve)

Below are the three daily create prompts I participated in this week:

This had to be my favorite one this week! I absolutely love Stranger Things, so when I saw the mention of 11 – I just had to broadcast my halloween costume from last Halloween. I recently just finished Stranger Things 2, unpopular opinion but, I believe season one was way better than season two. I’ve had multiple discussions with multiple people and they all disagree, but I’m sticking my ground!

This specific response actually got a lot of love from my peers. I’m honestly curious as to why that is, but I’ll take it either way! Thanks ds106 fam! This hat is my favorite hat to wear whenever I go hiking. I mean, I literally wear it every single hiking trip. Thus, it was only logical that I make it the centerpiece to my response of this prompt.

Ah, to be back into going to the gym once again. I got off my game for a long time, because well, shit happens honestly. I was too busy, too lazy, too tired – you name it. But today marks the new anniversary of me getting back to my heathy self, no matter what it takes. I’m ready to be proud of my body and self again! Here’s to wishful hoping! Here’s to my ds106estiny!

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