Daily Creates (Week Ten):


This week is back to completing only two daily creates! Which is understandable due to how time consuming video making is! Below are my daily creates this week and my thought processes behind them:

I really enjoyed this daily create prompt! As we all know, this past weekend was halloweekend. It’s when all the college kids get together, dress up, and take red jello shots from syringes (some people don’t do that – and that is okay too). Needless to say, my boyfriend and I dressed up and attended a get together thrown by some of our closest friends. We went as The Kennedys and I was so proud of how our costume turned out. Thus, when I saw this prompt I immediately knew how I wanted to respond to it!

For my next daily create, I actually had to use google to help me out some. I had no idea what anthropomorphize meant. I knew that I had seen the world before, but couldn’t remember what it meant to save my life. Upon googling it and discovering it’s meaning – I had the perfect idea in mind to respond to the prompt. For halloweekend, I went to the ABC store and purchased this bottle of Tito’s vodka for the sole reason it came with this adorable little sweater. A couple of days later and you have my response to this daily create! P.S. I’m keeping the sweater forever!

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