Daily Creates (Week Five):

Below are my daily creates I completed this week in chronological order:

I honestly love this picture for many reasons: 1. It was taken on my vacation to Cali 2. It was taken at Lake Tahoe (one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen) 3. A lot of fun memories were made the night before and 4. Right before I took this picture we had a deer standing about 20 feet from our tent exploring our campsite!

I chose to post this picture for this daily create because this was my first tattoo. Of course, I have about five more now and intend to get more in the future. But this one sticks out to me the most because it was my first, the most painful, and my favorite one. I mean the artist did a phenomenal job! I get so many compliments on it.

This daily create had to be my favorite one this week. I really, really, REALLY love tequila so this was the perfect picture to post! I found this sign when I was down at Virginia Beach this summer and immediately pulled out my camera to capture it’s cleverness. If you’re wondering – yes, I did go in and have a shot….or two.



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