Daily Creates (Week Eleven):

Its week eleven and I am back to my normal three daily creates this week! Below as the daily create prompts I decided to partake in and my thoughts on them:


I really enjoyed this daily create prompt, because it allowed me to view things I’ve photographed from a different angle. I remember this day to be particularly fun and blissful. I mean, how can you not have a good time in a field full of huge sunflowers? Applying the art pop filter to this photograph really enhanced the dark hues associated with the sunflower.

This daily create prompt provided me a since of comic relief not only from my overall day, but class as well. I read the prompt before I walked into my noon MWF class and began brainstorming some idioms and how I could illustrate each of them. Well, it was pouring outside – so it was only necessary that I depict “It’s raining cats and dogs.” This was a fun and simple prompt. I really enjoyed the little break it gave me!

This was my favorite daily create prompt this week. You should know me well enough by now to know that I love anything and everything having to do with mystery/horror. So once I read the prompt, I immediately associated room 106 to not be a pleasant place. Thus, I decided to use this picture I took while I was hiking. I mainly chose it because as soon as I saw it – I recalled the movie “The Mist.”

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