Character Dossier (Week Three):

Introducing Jester – the one who causes painful laughter:
Now I know the title to this post may seem cheery and happy, but it is quiet the opposite actually.

Jester wasn’t always a villain. He used to be a sweet and loving child, but that all changed when Matban moved to King’s Landing. Matban stole his limelight. Everyone in town began to think Matban was the new trophy child and this angered Jester. It angered him so much that he challenged Matban to a fight one day after school. Matban agreed to the fight even though he knew no altercation between the two would occur. Matban intended to use his secret weapon against Jester to avoid conflict. When the time struck, Jester and Matban both approached each other behind the football shed. Jester had envisioned delivering a punch so strong that he would instantaneously end the fight. Matban had another thing in mind – he planned to tickle Jester. Thus, when Jester went to swing at Matban, Matban grabbed Jester’s arm and began tickling him. Jester was so taken aback that he fell to the ground in shock as well as laughter. He laughed so hard that he peed himself. All of Jester and Matban’s peers were surrounding the two boys. All of them saw Jester’s accident. All of them pointed, laughed, and mocked Jester. All of them except Jester. That day marked a critical point in Jester’s life. From that day forward, Jester vowed to himself that not another person would laugh at him ever again. In fact, nobody would be allowed to laugh at anyone or anything ever again. Unless it was caused by Jester himself – and it wouldn’t be all fun in games. Jester intended to get laughter from people, no matter how painful.

Flash forward twenty years and now Jester is about 26 years old. His alter ego is Gage Fury. He is 5’6 with a slender build that yields broad shoulders. He has brown, almost black, eyes. He has a smile that goes from ear-to-ear. He has jet black hair that is always slicked back. Lastly, he can always be found wearing a button up and khakis to fit his normality approach to his evil tasks. Despite his normal appearance, he is anything but that. He is actually a genius who is a master of chemical engineering – which he uses to his advantage to create villainous machines to use on his victims. For example, he has a machine that restrains his victim to a chair and has a piece that covers their mouth. Upon securing the mouth piece – he begins making them laugh. He is actually quiet funny and if his jokes don’t work then he begins tickling them to ensure laughter. The mouth piece then collects all of their laughter into a portable tank. Jester then sets, what is left of his victim, free and is left to his own enjoyment. Normally he likes to crack a cold one and rejoice over the sound of his victim’s laugh exiting the tank he just filled.

Some fun facts about Jester:

He was born April 25th, 1991 in King’s Landing. His favorite food is “protein” pizza. His favorite color is red. His favorite book is The Book of Laughter. His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. His favorite drink is water. His favorite possession is the laughter of all his victims. On the flip-side, his kryptonite is laughter that is not caused by him. His nemesis is Matban. And eerily enough, his motto is “life is better when you’re laughing.”


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  1. Courtney Hardyd - September 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm Reply

    I like that you took the approach of a villain because I’m willing to bet most, including myself, went down the typical superhero path. Also, I love the name of your character “Matban,” though admittingly, I couldn’t stop reading it as Batman. I look forward to reading about Jester aka Gage Fury in the coming weeks.

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