Assignment Bank 4 (Week Three):

I Like To Move It Move It:

Ah freshman move in day, what a memorable time. A lot of emotions coursed through me that scorching day in August 2014. I would have to say my favorite part of the journey was meeting my freshman roommate. Her name was Stefanie Chae and we had selected to live with each other in Bushnell Hall. I actually bought my best friend, at the time, from my hometown to help me move into my dorm. When we parked and got ready to begin the lengthy process Amber (my best friend) and I booked it into the dormitory to explore and try to find my room. A little disclaimer: Amber is a very outspoken and loud individual – it’s one of the reasons I loved being her friend. Back to the story, so we got told that my room was on the fourth floor. So we ran up the stairs, Amber busted (and I mean busted) through the door and began screaming “Stefanie, Stefanie Chae, Stefanie where are you” down the entire hall way. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire building didn’t hear her screaming Stefanie Chae.

My least favorite memory is easily the moment I had to say goodbye. I had never really been away from home for more than a week – let alone months. I remember saying goodbye to Amber wasn’t that difficult as we texted daily and were always in constant contact with each other, but saying goodbye to my dad was heart-wrenching. I remember while I was saying goodbye to Amber, my dad stepped out of the room into the hallway. When I finished saying goodbye to Amber I asked Mary, my dad’s girlfriend, where he had went. She told me that he went into the hallway. Naturally, I went into the hallway to find him. He was standing with his back to me looking out of the window that faced campus walk. I remember calling out to him and when he turned around he was crying. I had never seen my dad cry before, so I didn’t know what to do. I ended up crying myself. Although it was a difficult and hard goodbye, I’ll always look back and cherish it because it was just a sign that I was slowly turning into the young woman I am today.

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