Assignment Bank 3 (Week Twelve):

Holiday Mashup

For this assignment, I was instructed to use a photo editing software to mashup my top three favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. I was instructed to use whatever elements I liked from each holiday, creating a character or scene with the images/symbols I chose. Lastly, I was supposed to tell a story with the image. Below is my creation and the steps I took to create it:

This assignment was fairly easy and quick for me to do. I immediately knew my top three holidays are: Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I was able to tell somewhat of a story with the magnitude/size of each holiday representation. Christmas is my #1, thus the Santa Claus is the biggest and focal point of the creation. Halloween is my #2, thus I decided to pick an image that had three elements to it (hoping that it would indicate more importance than the turkey did). Lastly, Thanksgiving is my #3, thus why I chose a fairly simple image to represent it. Below are my steps:

  1. I googled Santa Clause, then Halloween, and lastly Thanksgiving. I saved all of the images you see above (and luckily, all of them were clip art – therefore I didn’t have to edit them at all! They already came with alpha channels).
  2. I opened up the Santa Clause image in Gimp first, now the original image had him holding gifts in each hand. So I did have to erase those to clear up his hands to hold the other images.
  3. Once I did that, I imported the Halloween and Thanksgiving images, placed them where I wanted them, and boom – I was all done!

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