Assignment Bank 3 (Week Four):

Newspaper Blackout Poetry: 

This week I was asked to incorporate the character I created last week (The Jester) into one of the assignments I chose to complete. When I saw this assignment; I saw my opportunity. This assignment asked me to grab a marker, today’s morning edition, and start blacking out sections to create a new story.

The story I created depicts what lead to Jester’s creation. Sure the incident on the playground was a critical turning point in his life, but this story illustrates what developmentally got him to take a turn for the worse that day. The story is as follows:

“I drove to see a girl I used to know,
She never answered my calls,
I drank a couple beers,
I remember it was all different 14 years ago,
I drove to Falling Lane,
In the street was my brother and I,
I thought about the time there was a priest greeting a family,
I thought about the time him and I snuck up to the old man’s house,
We heard him before we scattered,
I thought about the man who was killed,
My mother told me that the complications killed him,
I stood on the steps,
My brother came home because his hear was diseased,
He struggled,
I was only ten and heartbreak was the way life was supposed to be.”

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