Assignment Bank 3 (Week Eleven):

60 Second Day – A Video Narrative

For this assignment, I was instructed to tell a story about my day in just 60 seconds using one-second clips of video. BUT, since I’m a pretty boring person and found it impossible to capture 60 different moments of my day – I modified the assignment to better fit my daily routine. Instead of doing 60 seconds, I only did 40 seconds. Below is my finished product and the step I took to create it:

I honestly had a hard time doing this assignment. It was very difficult for me to 1) remember to record enough moments in my daily life and then 2) do enough interesting things (i.e. don’t just watch Netflix all day, haha). That is why I had to modify the assignment to fit my lazy lifestyle, but all of that pushed aside – I really enjoyed this assignment overall. It was really cool to see how my day went and actually be able to capture/appreciate what happened today. My steps are below:

  1. After I finished all of the recordings for my video, I imported them to imovie, and placed them in order for which they occurred.
  2. Next, I found a song that fit my day. I decided to use “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
  3. Finally, I added all of the final touches (i.e. the titles, removing the background noise from my videos, etc.).

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