Assignment Bank 2 (Week Two):

Animals Doing Funny Things:

I clicked on this assignment so fast, not even Usain Bolt could have clicked faster. I thoroughly enjoy tagging my friends and sharing funny gifs/memes with my friends and family. I find myself somehow deeply relating to said gifs/memes and most of my comments are: “me irl,” “who made this meme of me,” and “might as well tag myself before you do.” So when I saw this assignment, it was a no brainer that I needed to do it.

As for the task itself, I found it to be generally easy. I used and inputed the three photos I found to create my gif. I will say the hardest part was finding the pictures. Have you ever tried typing into the google search bar “dog falling sequence?” Yeah, well it doesn’t give you a lot to work with. However, I did get lucky and found a picture that had the sequence I was searching for. It did get tedious when I had to crop the picture three separate times so that I would be able to upload them properly to the gif maker, but once I was done out popped this masterpiece I titled – “Me trying to get through finals week.”

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