Assignment Bank 2 (Week Ten):

College Snapshot

For this assignment, I was instructed to compile my favorite photos from my experiences (at college) and make them into a video. I had to organize them chronologically to tell my story. Also, I had to make the video at least two minutes. Below is my finished product and the steps I took to create it:


  1. I started by going through all the photos on my photo stream since fall of 2014 up until fall of 2017. I created four separate folders on my desktop and titled them freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. As I was scrolling through my photos, I would select the most important photos and organize them into their appropriate folders.
  2. Once I had finished sorting through all of my photos of the last three years – I opened up imovie to begin editing. I started by creating a title and by importing my freshman year folder.
  3. I then added all the pictures/videos I wanted and continued a similar pattern for sophomore, junior, and senior year.
  4. Once all my photos were uploaded and I  had all my transitions and titles in place – I had to figure out which songs to use in my video.
  5. Thus, lastly I went to youtube and listened to some of my favorite tropical house music and decided to use A R I Z O N A – Where I Wanna Be and Henri Purnell & Lars Beck – Damn Good Life to complete my above production!

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