Assignment Bank 2 (Week Four):

The Life of a Superhero:

This assignment asked me to make an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation. Easy enough right? WRONG. I just want to simply start this off by saying this is the hardest, and I mean hardest, technology-based thing I have ever had to do. I’ll save my rant for my weekly summary, but you have been warned ahead of time. Back to the task at hand.

Had I been any good at using the program Gimp. I would have had a way cooler image to present to you, as I am a perfectionist and wouldn’t have settled for anything less than mediocre, but here we are.

In my image I depict Superman as “Superdad.” Get it? Ha. Ha. Ha. When he is not saving the world or being Clark Kent, he is being a wonderful father to his son Elliot. Elliot is about twelve years old, so needless to say he is going through a rebellion stage. He is being destructive, not listening to Superdad, and basically getting into as much trouble as possible to establish himself as the adult he claims that he is. In this picture, Elliot is screaming at Superdad in an attempt to get his way. Superdad (kind of like how they do in The Office) is just staring off into an imaginary camera and is completely done with Elliot. Stay tuned for more adventures of Superdad and Elliot!

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  1. Alaina Archie - September 21, 2017 at 2:19 pm Reply

    I think you did a fairly well job especially using GIMP. I normally use Photoshop but I have downloaded GIMP and it is kind of intimidating to me so kudos to you for using it! You’ll get the hang of it with more practice I’m sure.

  2. Ashleigh Duque - September 22, 2017 at 11:08 am Reply

    What’s interesting is that, if he were beside a crime scene or standing on a rooftop, Superman’s expression would appear fierce and focused. But next to the screaming child, he actually seems frustrated and pained. I’d be making that same face if I were him. Nice job!

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