Assignment Bank 1 (Week Two):

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch:

When I saw this task in the assignment bank, I automatically knew I had to do it. Although I don’t have a huge immediate family like the Brady Bunch – I do have a huge “framily.”  “Framily” is the term the eight of us created to resemble our unique bond. The made-up term isn’t as complicated as it is to pronounce. We simply just combined the words: friend and family. We all agreed that we were more than friends – we were family.  We all met our freshman year at the University of Mary Washington. Some of us lived in the same dorm, some of us were roommates, and some of us just met due to acquaintances. How we came together isn’t as important as the fact that we did indeed come together. These people mean the world to me and I don’t think I would have had a better college experience without them by my side. 

When it came to creating this Brady Bunch certified collage – the process was fairly simple. I used the website and easily found a 3×3 grid that was perfect for recreating the infamous Brady Bunch logo. I had the most fun picking out the pictures I wanted to use. The pictures and name stem from the fact that all eight of us love memes. We will all secretly take pictures of each other, make memes out of them, and then post it to our massive group chat. So of course, the most difficult part of this assignment was selecting the pictures I wanted to use as there are easily over 500 of them to chose from.

Disclaimer: Stef, Wendy, Courtney, Ricky, John, Danny, or Jack if you’re reading this, I am sorry for publicly meme-ing you on the internet. I love you all.

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