Assignment Bank 1 (Week Six)

Valentines Alternative

This week I was asked to complete a total of 10 stars worth of design assignments and to center at least two assignments around Jester. Well, that presents no problem to me at all – as I normally focus my assignments around him anyways cause it is so much fun! So when I saw this assignment, I chose it because I thought it would give a “softer” side to Jester – since he is so full of rage and creepiness.

This assignment involves making a Valentine’s card targeted towards a particular person. As you see above, I kind of tweaked the assignment. Instead of making it for a particular person, I revealed another side of Jester, on in which is he is capable of feelings and love! Could you imagine Jester sitting down, being all fuzzy over someone, and composing this card? I find the thought so endearing. But anyways, below is how I created the card:

  1. I googled a card making website and decided to use
  2. I looked through the free templates they offered and chose this one
  3. I added my own personal touch, by adding the line: “This is a mighty “Jester” but,…”

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