Assignment Bank 1 (Week Nine):

Create Your Own Room

I absolutely love, love, love decorating around my apartment. Thus, it was a no brainer for me to complete this task. Pinterest is my almighty savior when it comes to home decoration, cooking, etc.. I did come across a conflict while completing this assignment though. The conflict was I couldn’t decide on one ultimate bedroom. My resolution was the just create a Pinterest board with the overall theme of my dream bedroom. That board can be found here. However, I would still like to add my overall criteria for my dream bedroom. A list of requirements/wishes can be found below:

  • A king sized bed with a neutral comforter, complimented with a darker throw blanket, lots of funky pillows, and a cool tapestry behind it accessorized with fairy lights.
  • Lots of plants to give life to the room (i.e. succulents, ivory, etc.).
  • A memo board to keep track of my bill due dates.
  • A bookshelf with a lot of books.
  • A desk to do my work at.
  • A makeup vanity
  • Lots of posters, pictures, tapestries on the walls.
  • A cute kitty to keep me company.

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