Video Essay (Week Ten):

Video Essay via Deadpool

This week has been all about video! Thus, I was asked to brush up on my video reading/viewing skills via reading Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie and viewing some of Tony Zhou’s series Every Frame a Painting. I learned a lot about what goes into making a film reading and viewing the above texts and videos. After I had educated myself of the different video analyses processes, I was instructed to make a video, using a scene from a superhero movie, and discuss the scene in voice-over narration utilizing the information I learned from Ebert and Zhou. Below is my video essay and the steps I took to create it:

  1. I had to figure out what superhero movie I wanted to use to analyze a scene from. I don’t watch many superhero movies, so the list wasn’t very long to choose from. I decided to go with Deadpool because it wasn’t just a superhero movie for me – it utilized a lot of adult, dark humor and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the film.
  2. I then took to youtube to find the scene I wanted to use for my video essay. I landed on the infamous highway scene because there is just so much going on in the two minute scene!
  3. Next, I downloaded the scene from youtube, opened it up on my imovie app, and before I began my narration – I analyzed the scene about 3 times and wrote down what I wanted to say so the recording process would go by easier.
  4. Once I had completed that, I opened up Audacity and recorded the points I wanted to make in different files so I could move them around to sync with the scene better.
  5. Upon finishing all my recordings, I imported all of them to imovie and layered them over the parts of the scene I wanted to and then I was done!

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