Radio Show Design (Week Seven):

Radio Show Design Project – Bumper Sticker

This week I was asked to create a radio show design project in the form of either a promo poster, logo, or bumpersticker. I elected the bumper sticker because I could add a humor aspect to it. Something I wouldn’t really be able to get away with if I had chosen to do a promo poster or logo design.

This project took a little more time and planning than I had anticipated:

  1. In order for me to begin, I needed access to all my group mates’ superheroes. Thus, I had a little bit of a delay waiting for them to email me screenshots of their characters.
  2. While I was waiting I decided to edit my character, Jester, into the correct format so he would fit on the bumper sticker. This involved me opening up Gimp, adding an alpha layer, and cutting all the background content away so that I had a lone Jester left over.
  3. Once I received all the other characters via email, I opened up Gimp again, and proceeded to do the same process I did for Jester on all the new characters.
  4. Then I went to, found the bumper sticker format I wanted, and pasted all the characters and did all the rewording to create what you see above!

P.S. I really hope we are able to use the line, “You can’t say that on live radio,” somewhere in our production!

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  1. Laila - October 13, 2017 at 8:22 pm Reply

    Great!! I liked your bumper sticker!!

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