DGST101 Honorable Mentions

Now that this semester of DGST101 is coming to a close, I wanted to take this section of my blog to showcase some of the work I am most proud of from the course. We focused on a vast amount of issues in the digital studies realm this semester. The issues I wanted to specifically showcase here are: 1) podcasts, 2) augmented reality, and 3) culture modules.

Let’s begin shall we?

For my first piece, I want to broadcast the podcast I created. I was instructed to create a one minute sonic essay. It was to be an informative, researched essay about a digital topic. I elected to create my sonic essay on selfies. Selfies has had a vital impact on our society ever since it has rose to popularity since 2013. However, is that impact a good or a bad one? Listen to my podcast and find out!

For my second piece, I want to stay on a similar path and showcase my culture module. In like fashion with my podcast, I also focused on selfies while completing my culture module. For this assignment, I was instructed to choose five selfies of myself and then examine them for my performance of: 1) race-ethnicity, 2) socio-economic status, 3) sexuality, and 4) gender.

You can check out my take on this culture module here.

For my third and final piece, I want to go a slightly different route. I had an actual augmented reality project that I completed and although I think I did a nice job on it – I’m actually more proud of the storyboard I completed for the outlining of the finished project. I want to showcase that here instead of my finished augmented reality project because I believe it broadcasts my organizational and creativity skills.

You can check out my storyboard here.