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Daily Creates (Week Twelve)

Below are the three daily create prompts I participated in this week: "We'll call you L, short for Eleven." #ds106 #tdc2133 #strangerthings — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) November 12, 2017 This had to be my favorite one this week! I absolutely love Stranger Things, so when I saw the mention of 11 – I just […]

Daily Creates (Week Eleven):

Its week eleven and I am back to my normal three daily creates this week! Below as the daily create prompts I decided to partake in and my thoughts on them:   Sunflowers are prettier with pop art #tdc2129 #ds106 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) November 7, 2017 I really enjoyed this daily create prompt, […]

Daily Creates (Week Ten):

  This week is back to completing only two daily creates! Which is understandable due to how time consuming video making is! Below are my daily creates this week and my thought processes behind them: In the Halloween spirit, two different doubles that make a whole. #tdc2121 #ds106 #thekennedys — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) October […]

Daily Creates (Week Nine):

We are back to completing three daily creates this week, with a twist! The twist is that after we’ve done them, we need to look at them and find a way to tie them together in a story. We are also able to look back at the past week incase we are unable to make […]

Daily Creates (Week Eight):

Daily Creates This week we only had to complete two daily create prompts. The reason we only had to do two prompts this week is because our professor wanted us to put most of our focus on completing our radio shows! So below are the daily create prompts I decided to participate in: #ds106 #tdc2109 […]

The Daily Creates (Week Seven):

The Daily Creates As expected, this week I had to complete three daily creates via Twitter. Below are all my creates and their explanations: Campus is changing #ds106 #tdc2098 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) October 7, 2017 I AM SO EXCITED IT IS FINALLY STARTING TO FEEL LIKE FALL. When I saw this prompt, I […]

Daily Creates (Week Six):

Daily Creates Here are my daily creates this week: Fear of mascots is vastly overlooked #ds106 #tdc2093 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) October 2, 2017 This daily create made me eminence some (in a good way). I didn’t have an irrational fears as a child, but I remember growing up I loved the show Zoey […]

Daily Creates (Week Five):

Below are my daily creates I completed this week in chronological order: Is 7,801 ft tall enough? #ds106 #tdc2086 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 25, 2017 I honestly love this picture for many reasons: 1. It was taken on my vacation to Cali 2. It was taken at Lake Tahoe (one of the most […]

The Daily Creates (Week Two):

Cat toy for cats #tdc2068 #ds106 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 7, 2017 Words are hard #tdc2066 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 6, 2017 The Fourth Law of Robots is: you do not talk about the fourth law. But realistically, all robots must not resemble humans. #tdc2065 — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 4, 2017 […]