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Assignment Bank 3 (Week Seven):

Emotions Through Sound For my final audio contribution to our radio show progress (at least the final one for this week). I decided to create another eerie audio track I can utilize in Jester’s portion of the show. This assignment instructed me to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. […]

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Seven):

Create a Ds106 Radio Bumper In addition to my radio commercial, my group thought it would be wise to incorporate the use of a radio bumper. Thus, I decided to complete this assignment and create a closing statement bumper for our radio show! Below is our closing statement and how I created it: Creating this […]

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Seven):

DS106 Radio Commercial¬† For the next two weeks, I am going to be working on producing a radio show with three of my peers. This week entails a lot of tasks to get us standing on our feet so we can take off running next week. Therefore, I decided to create a radio commercial as […]

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Five):

Teezee Reference For this assignment, I was tasked simply to find an audio clip from a show or movie outside of the Twilight Zone. It was a no brainer which show I was going to find a clip from. The Office is my absolute favorite show. I watch it when I’m happy, sad, angry, bored […]

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Five):

“I can see you” I can’t stop relating all of my assignments to Jester now. I was asked to complete the audio assignment – Sound Effects Story. It involves telling a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Utilize at least five different sounds that you found […]

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Five):

Make Your Own Mixtape This assignment called for the creation of a mixtape. Therefore, while Jester isn’t making people keel over in pain from laughter. He likes to boost his confidence and get revved up for his next attack by listening to his favorite mixtape. Welcome to Jester’s Play Land. Players beware, enter at your […]