Month: November 2017

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Eleven):

60 Second Day – A Video Narrative For this assignment, I was instructed to tell a story about my day in just 60 seconds using one-second clips of video. BUT, since I’m a pretty boring person and found it impossible to capture 60 different moments of my day – I modified the assignment to better […]

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Eleven):

Recording a Memory For this assignment, I was instructed to capture on video a friend, family member, or stranger recounting a favorite memory. I decided to capture my boyfriend recounting his favorite memory of us. Below is the finished product and how I created it: This has been one of my favorite assignments thus far […]

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Eleven):

Create Lyric Video For this assignment, I was instructed to create a lyric video. I decided to use this assignment bank task and link it back to Jester. See how I made this connection and my finished product below: So to begin, I had to figure out a way to make my lyric video relate […]

Final Crisis (Week Eleven):

Final Crisis Final Crisis you say? Well since I heavily relate to my super-villain, Jester, I thought of a two interesting ideas for our final project. See below: If there are an even number of students in the course, it would be cool to assign partners (i.e. pair a student who made a superhero with […]

Weekly Summary (Week Ten):

This week proved to be very time consuming, but I discovered a new hobby I want to take up – movie making/editing! Although, I spent a lot of time making and editing all the videos I created this week. I found it to be a lot of fun and a very rewarding process. Below are […]

Video Essay (Week Ten):

Video Essay via Deadpool This week has been all about video! Thus, I was asked to brush up on my video reading/viewing skills via reading Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie and viewing some of Tony Zhou’s series Every Frame a Painting. I learned a lot about what goes into making a film reading and viewing the above texts and […]

Assignment Bank 3 (Week Ten):

My Favorite Thing To Do For this assignment, I was instructed to make a video of myself doing my favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then post it to my blog and describe what I am doing in the video and what makes it my favorite thing to do in my spare time. […]

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Ten):

College Snapshot For this assignment, I was instructed to compile my favorite photos from my experiences (at college) and make them into a video. I had to organize them chronologically to tell my story. Also, I had to make the video at least two minutes. Below is my finished product and the steps I took […]

Superhero: Join Forces (Week Ten):

Superhero: Join Forces This week I was told to choose one out of two assigned tasks to complete. I decided to do the Superhero: Join Forces one! For the task, I was instructed to create a video of two or more heroes defeating a challenge. Below is my finished project and the steps I took […]

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Ten):

5 Seconds of Fame For this assignment, I was instructed to make a five second film drawing from my own life experiences. I decided that I wanted to shed some life on two of my favorite things: my boyfriend Thomas and coffee. Below is my finished product and how I created it:     Since […]

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