Month: October 2017

Weekly Summary (Week Nine):

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this week. I mean, I had some fun, but not the usual amount of fun I have. I guess I now know I never want to be a web-designer! But I digress, here is the work I created this week and some annotations of how I felt […]

Daily Creates (Week Nine):

We are back to completing three daily creates this week, with a twist! The twist is that after we’ve done them, we need to look at them and find a way to tie them together in a story. We are also able to look back at the past week incase we are unable to make […]

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Nine):

Google Draw Something For this assignment, I was instructed to use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it was. I was given six items to draw and in under twenty seconds Google tried to answer it. Lastly, I was instructed to share my art on twitter with the rest of […]

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Nine):

Create Your Own Room I absolutely love, love, love decorating around my apartment. Thus, it was a no brainer for me to complete this task. Pinterest is my almighty savior when it comes to home decoration, cooking, etc.. I did come across a conflict while completing this assignment though. The conflict was I couldn’t decide […]

Go Back in Time (Week Nine):

Go Back In Time This week I was asked to complete one out of three options of web design projects. I decided to complete the Go Back In Time assignment. For this assignment, I was instructed to use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see what websites looked like years ago. Take a look at […]

Web Storytelling (Week Nine):

Web Storytelling Via Amazon This week’s theme in ds106 is broadcasting and web storytelling! Therefore, I was tasked to use Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool to change the intent, meaning, or purpose of a selected website to tell a new story. When I read the assignment, I immediately wanted to take the funny route while completing […]

Radio Listen (Week Nine):

Radio Listen It’s finally time, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the airing of our radio shows! I was overly excited to listen to my classmates’ radio show productions this week. Unfortunately, I missed Monday’s airing due to work. However, I was able to tune into Tuesday’s airing! I specifically tuned into 30 […]

Weekly Summary (Week Eight):

Well it’s a wrap folks! Radio show week (part 2 edition) has come to a close. Along with that, our radio show productions have also come to a close. This week was a breeze honestly. All my group mates finished their portion of the show on time and we got it all put together a […]

Daily Creates (Week Eight):

Daily Creates This week we only had to complete two daily create prompts. The reason we only had to do two prompts this week is because our professor wanted us to put most of our focus on completing our radio shows! So below are the daily create prompts I decided to participate in: #ds106 #tdc2109 […]

Radio Show Progress (Week Eight):

Radio Show Progress Its week two folks! That means our final production is coming to a close. This week called for a lot of individual work among my group-mates. Below are images or our progress and process and my description of the overall experience: So this is basically us planning out how we were going […]

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