Daily Creates (Week Five):

Below are my daily creates I completed this week in chronological order: Is 7,801 ft tall enough? #ds106 #tdc2086 pic.twitter.com/JugBBxWrNf — Kelsey Mooring (@melseykooring) September 25, 2017 I honestly love this picture for many reasons: 1. It was taken on my vacation to Cali 2. It was taken at Lake Tahoe (one of the most […]

ds106 Radio (Week Five):

ds106 Radio Reflection This week I was asked to tune into a ds106 radio episode and participate in a live “tweet-along.” I decided to save the best for last and tune into the Thursday stream. And by that I mean I procrastinated until the last possible second, but it actually worked out in my favor. […]

Radio Show Ideas (Week Five):

Superhero Theoretical Theories Ever wonder if the Hulk is really the strongest superhero? Should comic book movies follow comic book stories word for word? Should Guardians Of The Galaxy team up with The Avengers? Should superhero movies be funny/wild or dark/grounded? Should actors be re-casted for sequels? We have questions and we need answers! Or […]