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My name is Kelsey Inez and I am currently an undergrad at the University of Mary Washington. I am majoring in Psychology - and no I'm not psychoanalyzing you through your computer screen. I am just a simple girl who is trying to find her meaning in this world. I intend on doing so through the experiences I go through and the people I meet. Don't be afraid to say hello!



Weekly Summary (Week Twelve):

This week allowed me to further strengthen my photo shop skills! I’ve actually really gotten the hang of photoshopping due to this course and it’s a pretty nifty tool to have in my pocket. I’ve also gotten pretty quick at it too. Hence why I’ve finished my weekly work this early in the week! Below […]

Tutorial (Week Twelve):

I’m Ready For My Closeup Tutorial Although most photoshopping applications seem terrifying, they’re really not and neither is this assignment! Check out my tutorial to ease your mind and help guide you through the process: The first step is deciding what images you are going to use and how you are going to utilize them […]

Remix Assignment 2 (Week Twelve):

Places Of Peace [Remixed]: Turn Up The Cheese For this remix assignment, I was instructed create a collage of photos with all of my favorite spots where I feel relaxed or at peace. In addition to remixing it: Remix Card: “Turn Up The Cheese” Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. […]