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My name is Kelsey Inez and I am currently an undergrad at the University of Mary Washington. I am majoring in Psychology - and no I'm not psychoanalyzing you through your computer screen. I am just a simple girl who is trying to find her meaning in this world. I intend on doing so through the experiences I go through and the people I meet. Don't be afraid to say hello!



Weekly Summary (Week Four):

This week proved to be exceedingly stressful for me. I guess it’s that time in the school year when all of your classes are beginning to pick up and expectations are rising. Needless to say, I had a million and one things due this week and not nearly enough time – but I somehow managed […]

Photoblitz (Week Four):

For this exercise, I was instructed to take 20 minutes to try and capture as many photo ideas generated on a list as I could. I was asked to first document the current time I began the blitz. I began at 3:50 In the next 20 minutes, I captured seven photos based off the tasks […]

Photography (Week Four):

Before reading these articles, I never really stopped to appreciate all that happens in photography. I have been tasked to find still shots of superhero movies and analyze them from different photographic perspectives. Below is what I found: Contrast:┬áThis is a still shot from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I chose this […]